Geofencing – Denver

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing technology creates a geographical, virtual boundary around an area by means of GPS or RFID technology. This enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters, or lease the boundary.

Geofencing Solutions by marketing Denver

Imagine that you were a smaller car dealership, and the ‘highest volume’ car dealer was significantly dominating you. With Geofencing technology, you could essentially geofence the competitors dealership and serve compelling, and fitting ads right to their smartphones that told your story, and shared why you were a better solution. Or, lets say you wanted to capture intelligence as far as walk-in traffic and remarket to them. This is all possible with Geofencing, and much more.

Geofencing is one of the smartest, most cost effective forms of advertising today. As a premier business partner of some of the largest Geofening software solution providers, marketing Denver can you some of the best pricing, as low as $3.75/CPM.